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Bears on Board

I actually got out of bed at a reasonable time this morning...even though it was COLD!

Because winters here are normally fairly brief, and mild (What are minus temperatures? What is snow?), most houses don't have central heating, and I tend to have my window cracked open a bit to let fresh air in, so when I wake up, it tends to be a bit brisk in my room!

But, nonetheless, I got out of bed, and put my first load of washing on. Of course, then I hopped back IN to bed to keep warm... Then, once the first load was finished, I put it in the dryer, popped the second load in the washing machine, started it up, and then hopped back in to bed. I actually had run out of clean undies and singlets, so wasn't going to shower until I had some clean, DRY clothes to put on. When the first load in the dryer was almost finished, I hopped in the shower, made myself sparkly arkly, and then grabbed some nice warm undies and a singlet out of the dryer and put them straight on.... Ah, bliss! :-)

Then, after making a mango frappe, and finishing off the other load of washing, I played on the computer for a while (I had a little mini-project of scanning lots of work stuff to get rid of the piles of paperwork), and then headed out the door to Five Dock, to help Stephen & Peter celebrate their 20th anniversary together. I've know the boys for around 12 of their 20 years together, and quite often join them when they're in town for Yum Cha... more so since they moved down the South Coast. In fact, it was last October that I went to visit Stephen at their retirement house down there. Peter was overseas, in Jakarta, as he's often there, teaching English... In fact, when I did the trip down to see Stephen, I wrote about it HERE!

I was surprised (well, not really) at the number of people there... close to, if not over 100 or so. Of course, there were the close family members (mothers, brothers, sisters, nieces, etc.), work friends, and then the "homos" (as lovingly referred to in their speeches. The groups were obviously noticeable... but it was funny, and endearing. Of course, I knew MANY people there, which was good. As usual, I took my camera, not only to capture a few nice snaps, but it's a great way of meeting NEW people, too...

Got some lovely pictures, and stayed for quite a few hours, which was nice. I have to say, I parked my car AMAZINGLY - got withing a few MILLIMETRES of the tree. And that's without front sensors, and a VERY high bonnet! Go me!

Then it was home, where I've been continuing my scanning, and catching up here on LJ... I also have a new mix about to be released, so stay tuned! Hooraaaaay!

Stephen and. Peter, making their speeches....

I LOVE this pic of Sebastian, Charles and James...

I hadn't seen Geoff and Ian for AGES!

The lovely Gabe and George...

I. Am. Awesome! LOL


Teeth, Feet, Hands and Food....

Scary Smile

How's THAT for a combination... did it pique your interest! ;-)

I finally had to go to the dentist today... After my tooth incident the day after riding rollercoasters at Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio, and then the infection near that tooth, and in my gums not long after I got home, it was time to go and get things sorted out. I used to hate going to the dentist because of an aversion to pain... Now it's because of an aversion to the COST!

I actually finally took out basic Private Health Insurance last year, after a break of a few years, mainly to bring my Medicare Levy down, and to get SOME money back from any (mainly dental) health costs not covered under our socialised medical system.

So off to my dentist I trotted... I've been seeing the same guy for close to 20 years now, and I have to admit - he's awesome. His practice is super modern and clean, and his staff are all wonderful and friendly. He had a poke around and took some x-rays, and determined that a crack in my crown had allowed an infection to happen, and a nerve to die. So it seems like I need to have some packing under my crown, and antibiotics to treat the infection. Then, once THAT has been taken care of, some root canal, and re-sealing of my crown. The estimate for all this is close to AUD$3,000. JUST what I need after my trip. Thankfully, all this takes place over 3 visits over the next 3 months, so I hope to be able to ay for it all... Annoying though. And I'll only get a VERY small portion back through my insurance, because of the low premium I'm on..... Oh well.

Then after the dentist (got a clean too - all up, almost $500 for the visit!), went and met Howard in Newtown. Had a cheap lunch, and then wandered down to USA Nails to treat ourselves to a Mani / Pedi. It's funny that it's called USA Nails, as al the girls are Thai. But for $40 for the dual treatment, it's a fun way to be pampered a bit. And I certainly needed a bit of pampering... Had to take a pic of Howard in the chair, reading a magazine... even though he HATES having his picture taken!

Then it was back to the car, and down to Marrickville Metro to do some basic grocery shopping, and then home for a relatively quiet night in.... Like the good Suburban Nanna Bear™ I am... :-)

I look insanely happy about being at the dentist, don't I?

Howard catches up on the latest gossip.... And reads a magazine. LOL

What the FUCK happened today!!!!??

Black Sheep

After going to bed fairly early last night, around 9.30pm, I would have finally gotten off to sleep around midnight, or perhaps even earlier. I tend to spend a while playing games on my iPad in bed, like Words With Friends, The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and the Family Guy: Quest For Stuff. I also reinstalled a VERY addictive game called Plants Vs. Zombies, as it's a good addictive alternative to gambling. Sure, it's a waste of time, but at least it's not costing me anything!

When I woke up this morning, it was quite early, but cold, and I didn't feel like getting out of bed. Johnny had also arrived yesterday, and today was an organised birthday lunch for Michael, at 360º, the revolving restaurant at Centrepoint Tower in the city. For some unknown reason, I just could not get out of bed to drag myself along. I'm sure there was some psychological reason. I could have possibly been baulking at the AUD$55 per head cost for 3 courses (or was it 2 courses including a bottle of wine). I had actually got my good Digital SLR camera out and ready, and the battery fully charged, so the intention to go WAS there.... but maybe I was just kidding myself.

I went back to sleep, and when I woke back up, it was close to 11am - really the last possible time to get up, shower, dress and get in to lunch on time. And I tossed and turned and in the end, went back to sleep. My phone was turned off since last night, and I didn't turn it on. And in bed I stayed, the WHOLE day, with the phone off the whole day too... I ventured out of bed for a wee about 3 times. On the final time, it was close to midnight, and I hadn't had a single thing to eat, so I actually mixed some Sustagen in to a glass of milk, so that I had SOMETHING in my stomach.

Of course, oversleeping, combined with depression, makes me feel groggy and out of it... so the longer I seas in bed, the harder to motivate myself it was. So until I got up the following morning, at around 9.30am, I had literally been in bed, mainly sleeping, for 36 hours. Oh well... And I think work rang me to do overtime too! :-(

Let's see if I can either find a "cheer me up after a dismal post" random photo, or an appropriate one...

Oh, here we go.... I like playing with the show shutter speed settings on my camera.... This is a night shot of a train coming in to Platform 19, from what I can tell. I'm standing on Platform 20. In fact, you can the reflection of my legs...


A Post for the 16th of July

Happy Clap


Started work today at 1 minute past midday... Compared to yesterday's "marathon" of almost maximum hours and kilometres, today was a VERY easy day... Nice to have the balance though! But it was just another work day...nothing else exciting happened. I DO have ONE iPhoto taken that day, which I sent to my friend, Luke.

Last week, when he was down here on a trip, he brought me something I had asked for (and paid him for). A big bag of Peanut Butter M & Ms. For some unknown reason, they do not sell them here. Our M & Ms are made locally, and we get the normal ones, peanut, crispy shell, and occasionally special ones like coconut, or orange, or mint ones for Xmas. But Peanut Butter ones are normally only sold in specialty sweet stores, and are imported directly from America, so are marked up substantially. I now have Luke as my "drug mule", and he brings me my "crack" that is Peanut Butter M & Ms. I was VERY naughty though... A 1.1kg bag should last me a few months, but they didn't last me a week! Although I did share them out a fair bit... but they really ARE like a drug - I just can't stop eating them!

So, after I emptied the bag, I sent the following pic to Luke... Hopefully, he'll pick up another bag for me. I pay him more than they cost, for the trouble he goes to, so it's a win-win for both of us! :-)



Miss Thing Turns 60

Crayon Dance

Started work at 11.21am this morning, so was afforded a bit of a sleep in... which of course, I gratefully took! As Ralph Wiggum says, "Sleep! That's where I'm a Viking!". It's so true...

Anyway, today was also Michael, AKA Miss Thing's birthday, but he was working too, so no celebrations today... I had been so disorganised that I hadn't even gotten him a card, which I felt pretty guilty about. I'd also been wondering what to get him for a gift. He likes wine, but I don't want to "enable" his drinking. He DOES tend to drink a fair amount, and I'm sure it's a contributing factor to his weight. I've then had a good idea, but it'll be a day or two before I can get what I thought of.... stand by! :-)

So, another day at work... And another chance for a random picture of the day. But Happy 60th Birthday, flatmate of over 6 years! Oh, how I've suffered... LOL

Oh, it's Miss Thing at Yum Cha from a few months ago....


A Post for the 14th of July

Dom 2013


The only thing for today is starting work at 10.09am... No iPhotos, or anything else to jog my memory as to what may have happened today...! Which doesn't surprise me!

Maybe it's time for another random picture... I have a "To Be Sorted" album / event in iPhoto, where I stick pictures until I delete them, rename them, and/or move them.

This is taken underneath the bridge that links the mainland at San Souci to Bare Island. A VERY small distance....hard to even consider it an island!


Work... and forcing myself to go out again!

Dom 2013

Started work at 10.30am today, but it was only a short, 7 hour shift, so I was out from work by around 5.30pm (even though it was a pretty full-on day), and went home, got changed, and then headed back in to Newtown.

My friend James was down from Brisbane for last night's Sydney Swans game (AFL - Aussie Football League), and was flying out tonight, but was going to be "in attendance" at Bears on Sunday at the Bank Hotel. So I decided that I should go in to see him, as he had requested my presence. Aren't I a good bear?

Thankfully, I hadn't been there that long before Al, who was taking James to the airport, decided that it was time to eat, before he picked up Garth from work, and then took James to the airport. So we trotted off to a relatively new "cheap and cheerful" place on King Street. It's interesting, as it's Thai owned, but they seem to do a bit of everything - roast chicken meals, lots of different sales, burgers, etc., and Thai dishes too. It's rather inexpensive, and actually very nice. This is where I have to say that dining out in Australia is actually cheaper than in the US.... there, you order something that looks cheap (and yes, the serving may be huge, but you might waste a lot by simply not being able to eat it), but then you have to remember to add tax, then a tip. Here, everything is advertised with tax included, and tips aren't necessary. So, I was quite shocked at how cheap the prices are - I paid AUD$7 for a 1/2 chicken and chips - and it was a LARGE serving of chick AND chips. That's about US$6 - with nothing extra needed for tax or tip!

They will certainly be getting my repeat business...

Then is was time for Alan to go and pick up Garth, and then head to the airport to drop James off for his flight back to Brisbane...

A pleasant end to a nice day....

James and I

Al is really so handsome... I posted this on his Facebook wall, and it was a VERY popular picture!


God as my Waitress

It was a day off work today, and I have to admit - I struggled.... I had all sorts of things planned for today - to try and go visit some friends, or at least call a few people for a catch-up chat. But I just could NOT bring myself to get out of bed, and it was after 2pm by the time I finally made myself get out of bed.

I forgot that I had suggested to my friend, Soto, that we'd catch up after he finished work around 5pm, so when I got a text message around 5.30pm, I felt a little obliged to go and catch up with him. I'm terrible at procrastinating, and also pulling out of things at the last moment (yeas, you Can think dirty thoughts along those lines, you naughty scamps!), so I actually FORCED myself to drive in to Newtown to catch up with him. It had been a lovely day, even though I had missed most of it, and the Saturday traffic around Newtown was it's normal crap self, and it took me a while before I managed to find a parking spot.

Finally, I got one, and went to the Bank Hotel to meet him. He was there with a new work colleague, another friend, and a rather attractive Finnish girl, who had been living in Australia for about 10 months. She had a party to go to, for her boyfriend's grandmother, and one of the other guys was still feeling poorly from a big night the night before (how do people get themselves IN to that state!!!?), and then his work colleague decided to move on. Because I hadn't really eaten all day, I was quite famished, so we headed off to dinner.

We actually ended up next door, at a fairly new Greek place (Soto is Greek), called Kerasma, where Soto ordered me a rather lovely kebab (would you call it that), stuffed with greek sale, fetta, and some delicious pork, that we actually watched slowly cooking on the rotisserie grill behind the glass wall we were sitting in front of. We also had some delicious chips, grilled haloumi (I LOOOOVE haloumi), and some fresh tzatziki. I loved the fact that we could actually watch everything being prepared freshly in front of us. It was a bit of a wait, but when you can see what's happening, it makes it seem not that long a wait.

The food was delicious, and afterwards, I drove Soto home, and then went to Marrickville Metro to pick up some groceries... then home I came. I was glad I made an effort to get out and about - but it was hard. I won't deny it!

He's rather cute, isn't he?

I'm a TripAdvisor STAR!!!


So one of the things I've tried to do when I updated my LiveJournal with everything I did on my recent 6 week trip around the US, was to add a TripAdvisor review (where possible). I use it a fair bit to plan things to do in different cities (I didn't realise that the Chuhuly Glass Sculpture & Garden Museum was the #1 tourist attraction in Seattle, for example, until checking out the TripAdvisor site), so I try to share my reviews on places with others, to help them with their travel, accommodation and dining plans.

So it's actually amazing to see that I'm in the top TWO (2) percent of reviewers on the site, who originate from Sydney. Obviously, based on worldwide, I'm probably in the top 30% or so, but hey - I can be famous in my own mind, can't I?

Other than seeing these rather exciting pieces of information, it was just another average day at work....

I feel speshul!

Wow! That's a LOT of readers!!!!


2 Bears in 2 days!

LJ Gossip

Can you believe it... what are the odds?

I'm working from around 11am to 7pm, and doing a run from the city, via Strathfield and up the North main line to Epping, and as I pull in to Rhodes Station, there's John, obviously waiting to catch the train to Eastwood, where he'll change for a service to Woy Woy (an "interurban" service). So I give him a toot, and open my door to say "hello". His partner, Frank, normally catches a later train from Strathfield direct to Woy Woy (as Strathfield is a major interchange station, and the interurban services stop there, and I only drive Metro services).... So, we had to take a little pic, just to make Frank jealous! LOL

It's funny that I've known a "Frank & John" for quite some time, because I also know the OTHER "Frank & John", who live in Palm Springs, and who are on here (many Frank), as sunbeam_bears!!! It's a spooky coincidence, is it not? :-)

Other than seeing John, it was a normal, uneventful day at work....

John and I, taking a picture to send to Frank, to make him jealous... LOL